This literary extravaganza hosts competitions for Short Stories, Poems, and Articles, predominantly in English and Malayalam. Notably, this year, we extend our embrace to include Tamil and Hindi languages. Recognizing the depth of literary prowess and artistic flair within the IT sphere, Prathidhwani-Srishti stands as the singular platform devoted to unveiling the latent creativity among technologists.

Over the span of nine editions, Srishti has garnered over 4000 submissions from IT professionals representing 100+ esteemed companies.

The Srishti award ceremonies have been graced by the presence of eminent personalities from the Malayalam artistic realm

Shri V. Madhusoodhanan Nair, Shri Kureeppuzha Sreekumar (2014), Sri. Subash Chandran (2015), Sri. Ezhachery Ramachandran (2016), Shri Benyamin (2017), Sri Kureeppuzha Sreekumer & Smt K R Meera (2018), Santhosh Echikkanam (2019), Sri Sachithanandan (2020), Smt Sara Joseph (2021), and S Hareesh (2022) have all graced these esteemed occasions.


Prathidhwani’s Srishti-2023 marks the illustrious 10th edition of the Festival of Literature, poised to ignite the imaginative fervor within the tech community.

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