Somewhere down the lane, the needles of some cherished memories pricked at the bottom of her heart. The times of togetherness, joviality, and companionship had flown away like a kite that left its strings. She felt the rage of past yanking at the existence, she had fashioned with the moulds of strong anticipation and bricks of power and courage. Revamping her past, she chose to appreciate the independent and bold feminist within her, to rise and build a castle of dreams, she once dreamt but failed to conquer. The path that stole her from what she preserved, that ripped her off into bones and mere skin, which slew her hopes and dragged her chastity into the hands of shrewd fiends, stabbed her to rise fearless and valiant in life.

Badra was born to Mr & Mrs. Pillai, who lived in the outskirts of Chennai. The couple named their little one, to showcase their trust in Goddess Badra who symbolically reflected power according to their spiritual belief. Mr. Pillai was a savior who guarded the Indian borders for several years and was forced upon retirement on account of his lost vision in an attack. Yet the army’s spirit and rush of patriotic blood still ran in him. He was a father who destined his daughter’s life towards the betterment of the nation, the day since her birth. He wanted her to be a brave, diligent and responsive citizen who would sacrifice anything for the nation.

Badra was never a pampered child, for she was fated to the four walls of an orphanage at the age of ten, when she lost the pillars of her life; she grew up facing difficulties in life. Unlike the other single children, Badra never won things with tears or leniency; she received everything with hard work and determination. Badra grew up to be an intellectually brilliant and extraordinarily talented human in every walk of life. Beauty, charm, and power were bestowed upon her by the Goddess. But nothing persisted forever.

The dark clouds grew wild; the brightest star slowly subsided to the heavy clouds that overpowered. The calmness of the tender breeze vanished, for time chose to hustle as the fiery power followed. The scars seemed mightier and the roars sounded scarier as the chambers of her heart crumbled to the violent monster. Badra was ripped off her apparels, her pure body and the divine chastity she protected fell open.

Time immemorial, from the age of senses to the age of commitment, the sacredness of trust and promises of the world around was broken that night when she whined on the outskirts of Chennai, as intruders walked into her dreams. Courage with the veil of anger, chose to pull the threads of strength from a weak and defeated body that lay open and exposed.

With fury in her eyes, agony in her heart, she sustained the gasp in her, to live the long journey ahead. With heavy doses of medicines, support of medical equipment and the mercy of squatters who resorted to feeling empathetic made her eyelashes wink and face the bitter days that were ahead. She turned out to be a mere media article that the society watched with sympathy. Badra lost herself amidst the commotion which tugged at her life. Slowly, the compassion and love she received turned into disgust and apprehension.

Today, as she positions herself in front of the podium, where many aspire to be like her, her eyes still rage with greater determination for bigger responsibilities. The golden medal that hangs around her, radiates with confidence and the badge across her chest reflects “Lt. Colonel BADRA PILLAI” and to the young crowd, she proclaimed, “Be the warriors of your dreams and the rulers of your destiny, let the thorn’s prick you, let your blood radiate your courage, shut yourself from the world that beats and banishes you, rise from the ashes, stand on your feet bold, for your life is yours alone” The words streamed from the heart of a strong girl who chose to rule her life and a valiant who fought millions of battles that she gloriously won!