“I don’t know, Doctor; I just can’t seem to feel anything these days. It’s like everything is beyond my grasp. I feel utterly powerless. I can’t even remember the last time I truly felt happy. All I want now is to find that happiness again. But, honestly, I don’t even know where to start. Maybe I’ve forgotten how to be happy,” he confided to the therapist. The room fell into a momentary silence; the ticking of clocks, the rhythmic hum of the ceiling fan, and the thumping of his heart filled the air.

The therapist responded with a reassuring tone, “It’s okay, but it’s not as insurmountable as it seems. I know this might sound straightforward, but the universe has provided you with everything you need to be happy. I’m not asking you to believe in a higher power or wait for a fairy tale ending. What I’m telling you now is, this whole world has so many tiny things too. Maybe you’ll discover that sooner than you think.”

And he continued, “So, I want you to come back and see me next month. I’ve hinted at something, and let’s see if you can figure out what it is. Remember, in life, we must practice accepting whatever comes our way and letting go of what leaves.”

When he got out from the therapist, he was perplexed. Though he had a growing sense that the solution might lie within himself.

On the journey back in the bus, his thoughts were wandering. And that was nothing new. In fact, it was always that way. The thoughts have been either an ally or an enemy.

Life has become stale, he pondered. There’s no excitement. There’s nothing new happening. A lot of people around, but still, they all seem to be chasing something elusive. ‘Am I chasing something?’ the thoughts plunged even deeper. “Yes! But what’s the pursuit for? Remember the words of the therapist? What’s exactly the tiny things I gotta find out?” He kept asking himself.

He decided to get off the bus a stop earlier. This has become a routine anyway. The stroll through side roads, feeling the wind, and observing the faces of those battling their inner struggles.

He slowly walked for a while until he met a furry friend. She was looking at him with a sense of hope though. Her eyes were glittery and full of love. And he felt something that he never felt before.

“Well, what happened? Are you hungry?” He asked.

Her brown fur looked like autumn leaves, and it seemed she wandered the city, like a lonely shadow under the sun.

He smiled at the beautiful dog and continued his walk. And so does she.

“Now, why are you coming with me?” He asked again. Obviously, there was no answer. Or perhaps, she was saying, “Anywhere that you go?”

“Okay, now I’ve got to get rid of her!” He thought.

And he went to the nearby shop; he bought a pack of biscuits. The poor thing was scared to come near him though. He placed the biscuit in the road, and once she started eating, he started his jog.

‘Poor thing,’ he felt. He recalled watching her eyes for a few moments. It was something different though. Something he’s never seen. All the eyes that he has ever seen looked at him like an afterthought. But those eyes had something different to say. He stopped for a while and turned back to take a glimpse. And she was still having those biscuits.

And it turned into a daily ritual. She eagerly awaited him each day, and after work, he never forgot to bring a pack of biscuits. It was a delightful scene! At the mere hint of his presence, she couldn’t contain her excitement. She would jump up and run towards him, almost crawling up, craving not just biscuits but also longing for affection. She was desperate for love.

The routine of buying biscuits turned into a daily highlight, evolving to include dog food, chicken, and heartfelt moments of companionship. His newfound friend’s enthusiasm for life became contagious, bringing a joy he hadn’t experienced before.

A few evenings have passed, and a new one has arrived. He got some biscuits as usual. While he was approaching his beloved dog, she was busy scaring a girl stranded in front of the dog, having no clue what to do. All the girl only wanted was someone to rescue. And he did exactly that. The dog smelled the sign of his presence and ran towards him, relieving the girl from her misery. As she walked away, the girl turned back to look at him and his dog. It was an uncommon sight, yet beautiful. She flashed a smile.

And for a few more evenings, he managed to bail the girl out from the dog. But as the days passed, the girl became a friend too! And she brought the biscuits with her. He was amused. The furry friend got a new friend. And that made him happy too! They often exchanged smiles. And slowly, he started noticing her.

Her eyes, the color of warm coffee, crinkled at the edges when she smiled. Not a full-on grin, but a secret smile, like a cat knowing a juicy bird story. It made his heart skip a beat, simple and sweet.

She saw him too. Not laughing like the others, but shadowed, quiet. Like a storm cloud searching for sunshine.

The days went by, but one day when they both arrived, the furry friend was nowhere to be seen. His heart stopped for a moment, and she noticed him too. They both walked past each other, holding the packs of biscuits. When she turned around, he was still there, waiting for his friend. But she never arrived. And he couldn’t sleep that night. Yes, this wasn’t part of the routine.

“What happened to her?” Pondered his heart.

Night settled. Two more days went by. Both of them walked past each other. Both had lost their smiles. He couldn’t work; he couldn’t talk to anyone; he couldn’t understand. Maybe that’s what life’s about. Things will come and leave; you gotta take the positive out of it.

Two days later, the sky painted a mesmerizing palette of pinks. Approaching the usual spot, he noticed the girl approaching from the opposite end. Unable to exchange smiles, they shared a silent understanding.

But as they got near, they heard a bark. And it was the furry friend! He couldn’t believe his eyes as he knelt down to hug his favorite being. The girl couldn’t control her joy either. But something caught her eyes too. Something that stunned her! The furry friend had brought three babies with her too! They were beautiful, healthy, and mini versions of their mom!

Overwhelmed with emotions, they both cradled her babies, stealing glances at one another. Their lost smiles had returned. It was a sensation he had never experienced before. Perhaps, these were the tiny wonders hidden in the world for him, discovered during those evenings on the roadside. Maybe, just maybe, this was the purpose he had been seeking.