Across my dimensions, 
The brave fought for 
my reinvention.
Spreading the message 
across my geography
To find a place in history.
Great are those heroes
So are the heroines
who fought against the foes 
to restore my glory .
To my people,
I have a request!
Farmers working in soil
Put on a lot of toil.
Give them respect,
That’s what I suggest. 
To my people ,
I have a request
Save those choking rivers
They shriek for help !
Empty are the groceries,
Due to the lost greeneries.
To my people ,
I have a request
Educate my kids
Who are my future.
Teach them equality
Let Fraternity and Liberty 
clang in the air.
Let my daughters be free
Free from hurdles.
No more nirbhaya,
No more Asifa.
No more mob lynching.
Yet, Manipur hurts me. 
To my leaders,
I have a request
Serve your people 
With honesty
You’ll be known for 
Your modesty.
To the youth,
I have a request
Age is just a number
When I am still a bairn.
Uphold my values,
Spread the hues
Of happiness!
Let my people,
Be humane,
Making me feel the warmth
Beyond religions 
Beyond races
Let this spirit 
Remain eternal!
With love ,India