I’ve always been a girl, timid and small,
Clutching tightly to my mother’s loving hand.
Insecure and shy, my gaze cast to the floor,
A fragile creature, too hesitant to stand.


No vibrant wings adorned my fragile frame,
Lost within the shadow of a greater being.
Fear consumed me, courage never claimed,
Oh, sorrowful soul, trapped in a cycle, unseeing.


Then, I encountered you, dispelling my fears,
Oh, my inner self, I’m immensely proud!
You transformed me, as voices echoed in cheers,
I owe all I am to you, my strength endowed.


Ah, but let me confess, my dear friends,
The one I speak of is none other than me,
Or perhaps the hidden self, I once thought to bury,
Emerging as a phoenix, when consumed by life’s debris.