There are multiple ways we can explain this blacks and whites do the black and white know it. Not sure whether the colour really meant to be mapped with the darkness and brightness.

From the younger age I always dream what is generally this black and white so special than other colours when there is VIBGYOR??? But after growing up I really understood that this colours for any human to understand the fact that what ever come across there is black and white part of it but is there a grey also matters? If the colours start speaking who will be leading is that black and white or the other colours. So here comes my story of colours when they start speaking…

Hi Black I am white you know I am the best of all colours as all the brightness come from me and black replied I need to be there to bring out the truth and real way of life. Now there is entry to VIBGYOR… Hey guys I am the colourful and I am loved by all do you agree that I am the lead. So, all colours begun to fight with each other as the human do????

So, is it essentials that we need to find who is the best when everyone is colourful and the best in their own life???????

As a point all colours are essential for life to move forward do you all agree?