Close but distant, you’re always near,

Yet I miss your presence, my heart holds dear.

Just a call away, our connection’s strong,

Yet I keep longing, as if something’s wrong.

Your smile’s absence leaves me blue,

Starry eyes that once gazed true,

Teasing words, a joy to pursue,

Your nearness, oh how I miss you.

Under moonlit skies, we talked through the night,

Sharing thoughts and dreams, our hearts felt so light.

Oh, how I miss those moments, like a soothing embrace,

Yearning to return to those days, a cherished place.

Once, I was the one you adored,

Sharing all, a bond to be stored,

Walking side by side, hearts intertwined,

Secret glances, a love defined.

In your embrace, safety found,

Your loving kiss, like stars above.

Arms that lift me from the ground,

My best friend, my endless love.

No costly gifts, just moments so dear,

Time with you, my heart holds so near.

In conversations with no judgment’s trace,

A safe space where my thoughts find their place.

You’re a cherished light, always here by my side,

Not a lover’s embrace, nor a future’s wild ride.

Yet as a true friend, through life’s ebb and flow,

You’re the refuge I seek after a heavy day’s glow