The book looks so old and so frayed lo!

But its words all are still alive!

The boy looks so small and so scrawny!

But look how easily he won the feud!

The man wears a tunic so shabby!

But he is our King in guise!

The rose looks so charming and lovely!

But beware of the thorns by its side!

The bamboo forest hums a long tune!

But care not to step on a snake!

Some paths may stretch out all bumpy,

But the journey’s end prizes it all.

Spring in the desert is enchanting!

But be not one fooled a mirage!

The house maybe unkempt ‘n untidy!

But the garden yields crop for the year!

The girl springs on her heels as always!

But the scar so deep’s oblivious to all!

The man in the corner sits quietly!

But words in his mind are rare gems!

The lad at the pawn shop is simple,

But who knew his music is fab!

The rude vendor in the veg market,

But had a very bad day at home!

The nameless face you met on the train!

is, but his kids’ own whole world!

We use our eyes to see what’s outside!

And our mind to see what’s inside!