On a tranquil dawn,

he gazed out doubtfully

into the yard,

instantly startled

at the absence of

his loyal pet dog.


All his efforts

to trace it, but in vain,

he felt compelled

to share this tale

in the news.


Later, his phone rang

from an old-age home.


He hurried to

the old age home,

with blazing hope

and found his dog there.

Joyously, they returned

in his car.


The dog peered out

from the car’s rear,

to an old mother 

inside the oldage home,

tears falling from her eyes,

watching them

in silent sighs.


The mother’s

long-held desire

to catch a glimpse

of her son,

who the dog’s master

was, fulfilled by

this silent dog.


A mute animal 

realized the,

mother’s pure love,

but a blessed 

human life couldn’t !