A silky tuft of milkweed took her on a journey,
That transcended the realms of reality.
It is her childhood dream and adventures beckon
To explore the unseen world and seasons.


Across seas and oceans, beyond continents wide,
Underneath the splendid sun, on a hammock she’d confide.
Swaying gently on a remote, virgin white sandy beachside,
Amid the sparkling sea where surfers and cyclists revelled.


The trance tripper shifted her venture with ease,
From sunny summers to a rainy hill’s embrace.
In the wettest place, where rain seldom ceases,
Drenched in the magic of rain, she finds her essence.


Under a white blanket of mist, vibrant meadows so green,
Roaring waterfalls, and fascinating caves to be seen.
Beneath the abode of clouds, her mind takes flight,
To a snow-laden countryside, a vision so bright.


Exploring quiet long paths, crisp cold in the air,
Clear skies and mountains towering with flair.
Her mind then wandered to mesmerizing chants,
Of spring in its fullness, with its entrancing dance.


Enchanting alleys of daffodils in bloom,
Tulip fields stretching in a colorful loom.
Sunnier days and nature’s sweet scent,
Perfect for her rejuvenating soul’s ascent.


Spring, they say, marks the beginning anew,
She opened her eyes to begin a journey brand new.
A bon voyage to chase her dreams so bold,
In the realm of possibilities, her story unfolds.