She is searching peace, nowhere

She is begging love, nowhere

In the middle of annoying crowed, nowhere

In the fading disco lights of DJ night, nowhere

She was driven by her mad mind

Wandered crying like a lonely bird

Searching for a twig of soothing shade, nowhere

Foraging for a bit of lovely care, nowhere

She was spoiled under the spume of pub life

Floating under the waves of craziness

Surfing for that drop of peace, nowhere

Flying up for a gleam of hope, nowhere

Lost herself in the darkness of woods

Lost her way to the brightness of pleasure

Still searching for a dot of cheeriness, nowhere

Strolling for trace of calmness, nowhere

Left her home, lost her life

Left her friends, lost her views

Left her roots, lost her hopes

For finding for a flash of heartfelt smile, nowhere

Days of roaming in the rapid life

Months of fighting with her daily life

Years passed with no results

Wrinkles started marking waste of time

Forcing sleeps to get rid of night

Using pillows to hide her tears and weeps

Listening for a call of happiness, nowhere

Hoping for a mail of kindness, nowhere

Yes, in this world that matters more

Discrimination of skin colour

Differentiation of slang of words

Omnipotence of salary slips

Escaping from that darkness of life

Losing her way in the middle of woods

And finally left her home of thick woods

Reaching in the hands of breezy lake

Ending up in soulful loneliness

In those banks of hopes and waves of peace

She found one tree in the middle lake

That true lone tree in the middle of Wanaka Lake

Her eyes opened and smiling at, but

Her ears hearing now low sobbing sound

The lonely tree started whispering

“Why are you following me here?

I am begging you for some peacefulness”

The lone tree started murmuring

“Please leave me here alone!”