The face once he loved the most
Had gone the farthest from him
In depth of despair and darkness
He stumbled and fell with heavy heart
He lost his soul in a trench
In pain his heart did swell
Her face , her smile scene everywhere
A love immortal living in his heart
He sat alone in her memories
And dwelled in the moments they had once
Lost in the twist of his fate
Hoping for a ray of hope in life
But then a sight that he did see
A fantasy ? a miracle or a come back!!
He saw a doppelganger  of his lost love
That eyes , that face so surreal !!
Lived as an introvert for years
Trying to hide all his feelings
She healed all his insane feelings
Showing him how to repair
Once lost in the ashes of despair
Now he found his ray of hope, that’s real
A man now reborn like a phoenix
And a doppelganger is reborn from her ashes!!!