Transcending cuteness, standing tall and proud,
Joy infused every step in her dance, so loud.
Climbing and falling, she orchestrated her own tune,
Until a pimple altered her voice too soon.

Her eyes sparkled, attempting a stolen kiss,
Parents cautioned, “Too young for such bliss.”
They held her close, trying to keep her near,
Yet, in their embrace, unfamiliar sweat she’d fear.

Wedding bells chimed with convincing vows,
Radiant blush masked a bedridden rouse.
For it wasn’t about a lifetime of love’s embrace,
But confined to a bed, a constrained space.

“He is ours, you don’t fit, black and ashamed,”
Echoed the home, leaving her unfairly blamed.
Yet, her heart screamed, “I’m flawlessly beautiful,”
Head bowed, tears fell, longing for something meaningful.

Those monthly days when she bled, impure they’d say,
Dying in bits, cramps on the floor, pain held at bay.
“I bleed for a new life,” her heart screamed inside,
Between her thighs, anguish and pain would abide.

This child they stared at, mocking laughter in the air,
Comparisons drawn, limits on him, a cruel affair.
“Why compare?” she pleaded from her soul,
“Accept him,” her heartfelt, earnest goal.

Sentenced before numb senses, shattered and broken,
Convulsive sobs unheard, a spirit left unspoken.
Barely spared with one more breath to survive,
Running to her safest dwell, barely alive.

By then, her voice was lost, gasping in the grave,
Yet, echoes from her haven tried to save.
“Not fallen, from strong roots you arise,
Not taught to feel inferior, break free from ties.

Built to withstand all you’ve been through,
Deserving of everything, let your wishes come true.
Go, seize your life, embrace the strife,
Inch your way back, reclaim your life.”

In her journey back, desiring nothing more,
A split image, ashes left on the floor.
Pity her not; she craves to heal and soar,
Realizing she’s more than just a woman, and more.

Picking up her pieces, rebuilding her throne,
Penning destiny with a newfound tone.
With a smile, she looked more beautiful than before,
Yet, her untold story lingers, forevermore.