I wish for a power to travel,

I wanna go back in time to the monkey,

That took that psychedelic trip,

I wish to throw a mighty stone,

Before it feasts on the magic mushroom,

A moment before the trip,

Right ahead of the trance,

To see, if I can alter the cosmic dance.

The sun bows low,

Hope fades,

Tears in war’s shadowy glow.

Pages of history, pain etched so deep,

How after anguish’s enduring embrace

Can the jews perpetuate another’s bitter taste?

Religions preach peace, a universal call,

Yet wielded as weapons, causing a fall.

Jews, Christians, Muslims, a twisted line,

As doctrines convolute, love eclipsed, entwined.

In the land proud of its dharma, where mosques crumble to dust,

Bilkis Bano’s plight, an unjust history thrust.

A Buddhist nation, draped in irony’s shroud,

Yet violence echoes, humanity bowed.

Man-made lines on Earth’s vast face,

Territorial fights, a relentless chase.

While a bird soars, unbound and free,

Man’s culturally sanctioned freedom, a divisive decree.

In the quest for dominance, nations contend,

Putin, White House, China, and India extend.

Yet, within nature’s grand design,

Viruses, bacteria, fungi silently align.

Covid, tsunami, earthquake’s relentless wake,

Yet arrogance persists, a bitter mistake.

Man claims to be the superpower,

Unaware, the silent mycelium network’s quiet power.

It knows the dance of life’s entangled web,

Nature’s rhythm, free from human’s earthly ebb.

In its patience, a lesson to be learned,

The mycelium network, waiting for humans to reform.

In the quiet of this cosmic plea,

Let humans fade, let them be free.

Grant the animals peace, a sanctuary,

Away from the folly of human vanity.

And as I throw that stone, let it be known,

At the monkey, the traveler, consciousness sown.

In the hope that with this newfound lore,

A better world emerges than ever before.