Its cold in here

The world so clear

The days so beautiful

Like a dream spelled in white

The sunrays caressing me

As i stare in awe

Into the white expanse

Living in the moment.

Everything i hold dear

Basking in the love

In the windless skies

And the silence.

As i watch the world around me

Bleed into whites and golds

Slow as in a second

Eternal by the minute.

Unfazed by what happens

Tranquil yet alone

Living a life

In my snowglobe of memories

Hoping, praying, yearning

That my paradise stays

Untouched and still

In an eternity preserved in the second.

Waiting in fear

Hoping that a day not come

Where a tremor

Breaks my snowglobe.

Plunging me into reality

Where wars wage

Helpless and torn

Exposed to horrors untold

Let me spend my life

Within this sanctuary of mine

Surrounded by the most beautiful

Of my memories