You wake up sweating
Yet another nightmare
Sleep deserts you
Thankfully the sweating stops

Life is a roller coaster
You run from dawn to dusk
Slogging all the way
Without taking a moment’s rest

All for what
For a few scraps of colured paper
There is more to life
Like a good night’s sleep

Next morning you go for a jog
To sweat out your worries
Hoping there is no night mare
To be blessed with deep slumber

The deep slumber upsets you
The world around tells you
Sleeping is for slackers
You need to be productive

Why can’t I sit and do nothing
Why can’t I just look at the clouds
Imagine random stuff
Alas another meeting beckons me
You go back to make sense
Of everyone who wants to talk
No one wants to listen
Only to be told

You are silent at meetings
It becomes a rabble
If everyone speaks
Adding to the cacophony

Powerpoint slides bore you
Excel irritates you
Screenshares don’t excite you
Turning on the camera scares you

All in the name of productivity
Of getting things done
Of making things happen
Of empty promises made

Oh it would be wonderful
To live and let it be
You don’t need to improve everything
Or optimise every damn thing

Can something be done
To make you sleep at night
Without a worry in the world
And forget about productivity