Once upon a time

In a barren land named canvas

Weary and exhausted, a rider appeared

Aiming to share his burden with someone.

With him was a palette of colors

That had seen its fair share of bright and dull days.

Dried up, thirsty for a drop of water

Waiting for a brush to calm her down.

But the rider was confused

His mind was blurry with memories

Hidden in the haze are those smiles and tears

The anger and pity that he felt.

The green of the meadows that had brushed against him.

The blue of the sky was tinted at dawn and dusk.

It turned grey when the clouds hit hard.

On those beautiful nights, sprinkled with stars.

The moon played hide and seek in the clouds.

The rain was challenging.

It took on the shade of his mood, which changed over time.

Colors had once swarmed in his heart.

Red was the one that he loved

Her lips had the same tint as the roses she held.

When she shied, pink was brushed on those cheeks.

The bright sunflowers swayed when they rode side by side.

Brown was the thatched hut where they hid from the rain.

But the rainbow had colored their dreams forever.

Their colorful days were soon engulfed in darkness.

Lightning colored the storm that came along.

By the time he found his way back,

He was all alone with just darkness around.

White flowers are now sprinkled over the grave where she slept.

Soon, she will be the one without color.

Invisible to him, yet alive in him.

That barren land called canvas was still bare.

He didn’t know which color would do justice to it.

Was it the greenery that he had passed?

Or the night sky that they watched?

Or the pink tint of her cheeks?

Or the red lips that smiled?

His empty heart could not be filled with any color.

Nor could he quench the thirst of his dry palette.

The brush couldn’t soothe him anymore.

For now, she was the only one without color.

Invisible to him, yet alive in him.