In the rustle of the leaves,

And the sway of the boughs,

or the dainty chirping of the birds,

in the varied hues that mirror sunlight,

or the wind that brushes past as it moves,

The plaintive calls directed at the moon.

what calls me on is the long hair

The strategically placed bindi

The draw  is the inviting kajal

the form of the dimples and chin,

A elegantly draped saree

or in the lilting laughter

In the pealing of the bells,

or the tinkling of the cymbals.

in the hum of the stone walls,

Or the rhythm metre of the chants,

in the quiet submission of the crowds

or in the radiant smiles of the idols..

In the bark, a moo or a twitter

In the ecstatic dance of greeting,

In wide eyes as pools of affection,

The friendly caress body shuddering,

Slathering licks, pecks or wet kisses,

In the agency they hold over emotions.

it is love that I am looking for

and.. I find it everywhere!

it isn’t as endeavour as arduous,

as the task of mining and extracting

it is in the ‘simple’, as..

Knocking on the door of the heart, and smiling