Beneath the sun’s golden embrace, a world of wonder,

Nature’s tapestry, a masterpiece to ponder.

Mountains standing tall, farms in fields wide,

An Earth once lush, on life’s joyous tide.

Yet, amidst this beauty, a silent cry,

An unfolding tale beneath the sky.

Oceans veiled in plastic, a mournful sea,

A stark reminder of our humanity.

Mountains bow to progress, farms laid low,

A dance with destruction, a bitter woe.

Plastic wastes, a synthetic surge,

On the wings of progress, a heedless urge.

Pollution whispers in the winds that blow,

A narrative of consequences we sow.

In the shadows, poverty takes its stand,

A complex web, woven across the land.

But in the midst of this daunting plight,

A glimmer of hope, a beacon bright.

For every challenge, a chance to redeem,

To awaken, to mend, to consciously dream.

Through the debris, emerge resilient seeds,

Nature’s resilience, a testament that pleads.

A call to action, to heal, to restore,

In our hands lies the power to explore.

With mindful steps and choices anew,

A promise to the Earth, each one of you.

Let’s rewrite the story, with a positive scope,

To preserve and cherish our shared home, our hope.