In a garden of endearment, a seed of love is bedded.
Out of the earthy petrichor, a shrub
glances for love, warmth, and rays for the journey.
But wait, what journey?

An expedition that one didn’t initiate,
A journey that begins in others’ minds
and shared musings.
In the tapestry of time, a venture unfolds.

Through the meadows of laughter and
an ocean of tears,
The shrub has commenced rooting,
Consuming the elixir of affection.

A journey meticulously brewed,
Crafted by the skilled vintner of love’s vision.
The shrub reached for twigs, twisting in quest,
Seeking the right path where love’s rug rests.

Doubts linger, striking with what and how,
Yet, the shrub persists in its steadfast vow.
Never quitting, aware of the point in time,
The voyage flowed with the river of time.

Beneath the canopy of stars so bright,
The shrub continues its daring flight.
Through the forest of dreams and reality,
A narrative etched in the fabric of eternity.

One by one, step by step, love prevailed,
Navigating thunder, wind, predators unveiled.
Conquering downfalls, facing odds without rest,
A journey of the heart, enduring its best.

Rooted firmly, branches spread dipped in earthy green,
Stands beneath the sun’s warmth,
And bathes in the silver glow of the moon,
Entwined with love, laughter, and sorrow of the journey.

Navigating twists and turns in the voyage,
Confronting a dearth of love, and shortage of affection,
Hot dusty winds striking with force,
Trembling the journey, yet steadfastly persevering.

For it’s about understanding,
Voyage isn’t just a smooth path,
But a struggle and progression,
Facing reality and the formidable odds.

Winning over it, though tough,
A journey not self-initiated,
Yet, driven by individuals entirely,
Taking charge over the rough path, with its hurting spikes.

This journey only gains meaning,
A revelation unfolds, a plot twist in the path,
The essence of the journey hidden is unveiled by us,
As efil mirrors life, silently proclaiming.