In learning’s halls, dreams take their flight,
Yet graduation brings a reality to bite.


Books and theories, mastered with care,
Real-world skills found rare.


A system promised knowledge’s embrace,
Leaving graduates unprepared for the job market’s race.


In lecture halls, a scholarly tone,
Practical application remains unknown.


Unemployment looms, shadows vast,
Degrees in hand, dreams recast.


Reshape education, a clarion call,
Blend theory and practice, let potential enthral.


Empower minds to transcend the norm,
Navigate the job market’s shifting storm.


A thriving society needs skilled hands,
Reform education, where potential expands.


Degrees of dreams, a symphony’s plight,
Bridging gaps in unemployment’s night.


In the tapestry of knowledge, where dreams entwine,
Degrees of Dreams: Unemployment’s Symphony shines.


For in this chorus of wisdom, diverse threads weave,
Each note, a story, in the tapestry they leave.


So let education’s embrace be wide,
Success is a chorus, where all notes reside.