I swayed in the wind;
My stalk had unbind,
From the clasps of my beloved sapling
And the realization was yet to sting.

The other leaves were still in sight,
Dancing to the music of the swishing breeze.
In the midst of being pulled away with might,
It took a moment to realize.

Culmination! Just a journey misread.
Cease to see the road ahead,
Ever do we?
Till the footprints end in a newfangled sea.

Akin to the moon turning blind
For the sun to see,
I had given way, and now I ski,
Gently on the faint wind.

I clung to my freedom,
And the wind gently lifted me up its arm.

I swayed to the sunset hues,
My eyes painted in shades thy thoughts never brew.
And silhouettes I drew,
In the blurring sky.

Dusk was near,
And I flew at it with teary eyes and a smile too dear.
Then came time,
And the wind was not to blame,
Again strangers,
Again stranded.

The stage was set,
And I landed swiftly on the meadow.
Traversing across each minute,
The stream nearby continued to flow.

Darkness embraced,
And my shadow, that stood with me forever
Had withered,
Back to nature.

Now standing in the pouring rain,
Washed off of all emotions and pain,
Waiting for another glimpse of daylight,

The end of a road is the inception of another;
The end of all roads is a journey to be..
I hope the night ends and further,