The hues of white, the shades of black,

They taunt the being day and night.

As the water droplets wither under the morning sun,

The battered soul yearns for rest.

As eons flash by like a mesmerising instant,

Speckles of joy and tears scatter across the ages.

The radiant joyfulness of her sweet presence

Lingers as momentary, like the morning mist upon the dew flower.

A gentle smile, a caressing touch,

The waves of emotion ebb and tide,

Deep within the recesses of the battered soul,

The pain and the agony entwined for eternity.

Where is the passionate love, where is the grief laid so bare,

The answer disappears like a fleeting shadow.

Yearning for all these emotions, I am, like a broken soul.

Running away from the glaring stare of the blinding light,

And embracing the warmth of the eternal darkness forever more.