Can love happen twice?
Will it cool my mind like ice?
Without anyone’s advice,
With the same feelings that felt nice,
The feelings that made this world a paradise.

I have moved on,
I found another one,
Which made me feel like this is the one,
But my heart says you’re still my own,
I know you are gone,
Yet you’re saved as my love on my phone.

Will I be comfortable enough to lean on a new shoulder,
When times get older,
Will we get closer,
Or will it change us faster?
Your memories are stuck in my heart like a folder,
But the new one is trying to open up our story locker.

Our story,
Will still remain as glory,
Maybe shortly,
You’ll also be someone else dearly.

Someone is getting you without any effort,
While I convinced you from mountains to port,
Together we explored every spot,
Now we are becoming strangers to the city’s fort,
You taught me to flirt,
Feels strange to be with another one at a concert.

Someone new was fixing the heart you had broken,
That was the same heart you had stolen,
Before I met you, it was golden,
Now it’s frozen.

In the same land,
But this time holding someone else’s hand.

The lips that described you are murmuring a new name,
Now it’s not you in my frame,
Feels like it’s a sin or shame,
But it can never be the same,
You came,
Played a game,
Moved to ashes like a flame.

Can love happen twice?
Yes, guys,
But not with the same vibes,
Not with the same butterflies,
Not with the same lies,
Not with the same reasons for fights and cries.

If you have been in my heart,
Even if we’re apart,
You will still be a part,
Like a god’s beautiful art.”