The misty christmas morning,
A beauteous day it’s ought to be.
Chiming bells, all around,
A chorale of angels swaying in the air.


But what do these mean to me,
When my loved ones are not around?
Slowly gulping down a sip of solitude,
Same which I had been feeding my beloveds forever.


A taste of my own medicine,
Oozing realizations through my veins.
Where did those times vanish into,
When I conveniently took them for granted.


When did things change forever,
When the tiffs and tears gave way to thoughtful vengeance?
They cried, they begged, they lamented.
Then they turned silent, which I wasn’t aware, was thin ice.


The cheerleaders who drove me to ignore my treasured family,
Are nowhere to be seen around anymore.
When did I miss to realise,
Those arrows were not far from myself.


Oh my beloved lifelines,
I don’t blame you ever.
I deserve to be in the old age care,
Lamenting and repenting over my revelations.