Standing amidst those I hold so dear,
Fortune smiles, I’m alive, no fear.
Yet a haunting truth, a specter untold,
We’re destined to part as life unfolds.

A journey ahead, on separate lanes,
A thought so simple, yet it refrains.
Down memory lane, I take a stroll,
Gone are the days, an eternal toll.
Wishing to cherish, just one more time,
Life moves on, a rhythm, a rhyme.

In the rush of life, in corporate guise,
Time flies by in the blink of our eyes.
A veil of speed hides the truth,
That we’re bound for separation, forsooth.

At the evening shore of life, I stand,
Gazing back at love’s fleeting sand.
Categorized now, in sets they reside,
Once together, now scattered worldwide.

Some departed, to distant lands afar,
Others stayed close, a steady star.
Some may not care, as once they did,
Fading memories, like a pyramid.

True friends, a cherished minority,
In my heart, hold a special priority.
Even if we never meet again,
A bond unbroken, like an ageless amen.

In the tapestry of life, they play their part,
A hidden emotion, a sacred heart.
Protruding not outwards, but deeply within,
Friendship, a gem, where memories begin.