That day was forever.
It was finally time,
For us to move out.
We found old card-boards
From our neighborhood
Chose the best ,
Carefully laid our stuff .
Our old home stood ,
At the center of the town,
Where we grew up;
With chaos all around.
The terrace gave me company,
Keeping my little secrets
 and the etched names on the
 moss covered sun shades
The rock bottom of the deep well
Found me screaming out,
The voices within. 
Voices echoed back
Like they always did.
The walls held empty pots, 
Once chrysanthemum grew.
The cherry tree stood nearby ,
Which never bloomed, though
Caterpillars found home in it.
The mango tree in the backyard,
Dwarf enough for anyone to climb,
Gifted its shade but not a mango .
Guavas, we did grab,
From the terrace, ripe and raw.
Star fruits hugged the soil now,
For we ignored them fall.
Hibiscus leaves soothed my hair 
And henna leaves, my hands.
And the verandah, void
With its circular chair, 
Wrapped green.
Grandma used to sit there,
Observing her town with pride. 
Every inch of the place
Echoed a thousand memories.
I taped the card-boards,
Wrote my name and date,
Sighed for the days of  
Hard work and choosing.
And waited to move out.
The place was a mess,
So were we, though
We deserved better.
Looking back, I will regret
Packing my childhood apart .
Card-boards resembled 
Tombstones with my name.
Never did my dreams fail
To lead me back home.
And the pain of watching   
As a stranger passing by,
Never faded away.
A haunted house, it remained. 
Yes, moving out was hell.
Life was never the same again.