WFH and WFO Both words which are common to all of us.With a rapid spreadness of covid 19 hits us very deeply and WFH and WFO came very close to us. It affects our working culture , working environment very deeply. For some people WFH is a relief and for others it is toxic.
And the question arises which is good or which gives higher productivity.

During the times of covid all sectors especially IT Industry hit very badly.More companies production got decreased and 60% of companies were cut down the operation. 90% of employees are not willing to Travel to the office because of this rapid disease spread. Thus the term invented WFH.
WFH gaves higher productivity than WFO. Due to following reasons:

1)Cost reduction:The employers don’t need to spend office rents, all  office expenses are reduced to 50%.and even employees can save their travelling expenses also.
2) Flexibility.Before theWFH all of us concreting on work and following 9 to5 jobs, they only got less time to spend with the family.Both the personal and professional life get balanced.
3) Less traffic: 90% of employees opted for WFH hence the traffic and smoke pollutants decreased very well.
4)Hiring across the borders: Though all the employees have opted for WFH, the companies are able to select the candidates from everywhere that is across the borders which has led to a more diverse and skilled workforce.

Now lets move to the disadvantages of WFH

Feeling of Isolation: In office the employees can interact with one person to another. But due to the implementation of WFH employees seated with an isolation mode and direct interaction reduced.
Technology Issues: Many of the people were from a rural state, in the rural areas technology is not that much developed. Even Mobile and internet speed is comparatively poor. So the majority of employees fail to complete the task within a particular time.
Distractions at Home: Working from home can present various distractions, such as household chores, family members, or pets. These distractions can impact productivity and focus.

Now lets move to the WFO criteria.

WFO is a boon for some and for some it will be opposite.”Work from Office” (WFO), also has its own set of advantages. Here are some of the benefits
Direct Interaction: Employees can see and share their interactions and happiness with each other. They can easily discuss ideas, resolve issues, and create a power of teamwork.
Easy access of resources: In WFH it is very difficult to find our needy resources, but in WFO it is very easy and simple.
Team Building Activities: In-office often facilitate team-building activities, events, and celebrations that contribute to team energy and team work.
Reduced Distractions: Some employees find the office environment less distracting than working from home. The absence of household chores,  and other personal distractions can contribute to increased productivity.

Let’s discuss the disadvantages of WFO

Tight schedules:In WFO we are facing tight schedules and late night meetings and client calls.Even majority of employees work for 12 hrs in a day.
Limited Work-Life Balance: The rigid structure of office hours may contribute to challenges in maintaining a healthy work-life balance
Poor Health condition: Employers are coming daily to office with the help of public and private transporttion.By travelling in epidemic situations can create illness and our medical condition is poor.
Limited Talents: Offices are often located in specific geographic areas, Getting talent in WFO is very difficult.Remote work allows companies to access a more diverse talent pool.

Both WFH and WFO have their own positives and negatives, both need to be considered as different sides of the same coin. From person to person the concept of WFO and WFH is differ. Both have good and bad.Based upon our comfortable zone we can opt which is comfortable for us. In Recent times Hybrid working options seem more productive and effective.