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“All set?”, whispered Akash climbing the marble steps that led to the lavish opal entrance door of his neighbor’s house with a knife on his hand. “Shall I try the door?” “Everything else is set,” mumbled Keerthi adjusting her glasses. … Continued

Horror in the Room

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In that small crowded room, the man with no mask coughed…! *****The End***** Name : Rohith K A Comapny : TCS, Kochi You need to login in order to like this post: click here

The Covid-19 Hustle

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It was around 5.00 AM Saturday morning, Thresya sister’s phone rang. It woke her up from a nap leaning back in an armchair amidst her night shift.   “Thresya sister, this is me Maya, please, can I talk to papa? … Continued

Life of golden moons

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One day there was a small happy family. Husband name was Pranav and wife’s name was Anusha. They were young and newly married couples who lived in a small house. Both were working in an IT field. As the symbol … Continued


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He leisurely came out of the bathroom drying his hair with a towel, just then his mobile rang he checked the number and he thought “perfect timing”, with a smile he accepted the call and spoke into it with his … Continued

Love To Bits

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I observed how the minute hand converged to that point with grace and the way the clock juddered in tune to the alarm. Smiling goofily, I looked at the paper-birds lying around me that kept me awake all night. I … Continued

Emo Intel

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Hello Nayan. Good evening. Yeah. Whatever. Is anything wrong? Why do you think so? Your face looked tired. And your voice too didn’t sound too bright. It’s nothing. Just a long day. Why do you care anyway? I don’t care, … Continued

Axeman – The last boon

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Once upon a time there lived an axeman near a riverside. One day he accidentally lost his axe in the river. He started weeping aloud for he had only one axe for his livelihood. River Goddess appeared before him with the axe. He … Continued

Warm Summers

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One of my vividest memories of my maternal grandparents’ home at Kuthukuzhy is that of a snake crawling over my feet. It is one of those childhood memories which in hindsight, leaves one unsure whether it really happened. Moreover my … Continued

I Love My Senpai

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It all started on my first day at College. As college life is recognized as the most important part of our journey. Like most of the people I had my hopes high for a wonderful journey ahead with academics, new … Continued


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When Jack was around three, his father sent him to a percussionist, to evoke a taste for the beats that rise from the heart. But to the opposite, the little boy considered it just as a mere toy he could … Continued

Dear Johnny

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Little Johnny woke up amidst his parents earlier than light, and like any other child he climbed upon his parents to wake them as well. Mr.& Mrs. Peter didn’t have kids for a long time and then decided to adopt, … Continued

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