Mourning Memories

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In the realm of melancholy I seek the rythm of your moan, Again. Where The last dew of December Will last an eternity… Your lips, The everlasting urge for an Evergreen ecstasy, On mine, In the coldest night Searching for … Continued


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Once in a whileI’ll be in a desolate placeLeading a lonesome lifeCompanion less like a lonely childOffering helping hands to othersBut never trying to help myselfInside and out struggling to get outFeeling of alienation at timesWas this the state of … Continued

Remembering 2020

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The world was once in frolicWelcoming the lucky charm twin yearNot knowing it was just an asteroidThat has arrived of all timesLike a fantasy, the world chased and battledWith a heroic beasty virus in the taleNot seen not known but … Continued

A Promise

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The pain that I Live inis not something that you can feelOf without’s that I was bornand you with a silver spoonA kiss from you parentsmade you smileOf my parents I am so not aware You detest the filthand I … Continued

Hope High

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I Sail across the skies With no ties… Unaware of the destinationAs if it is a celebration Rising against the windNot at all twined… Up and down, I move alongBe it rain or sun all day long… Colourful and cheerfulI … Continued


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The loose tress dangling to the curves of her hips, The half-broken glass bangles on her flat slimy hands, She steads around the house, Not with charm, nor with smile, neither with gait, But like the flames of fire under … Continued

Erstwhile Dreamer

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I used to be an avid dreamer.Not the visionary kindwho against all oddsmakes things happenfor themselves or the greater good.I dreamt in my sleep.Flowers, mountains,Waterfalls and valleys,Angels and demons.The absurdly chaotic stringsOf events knotted so deepThat some would breakat the … Continued

To My Friend Diary

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The hurdles in my life, I think are specially stitched for me – for they gave me fresh hopes for brighter tomorrows. With the fresh hopes to new mazes… Going abroad with sky as the limlit. Remember the only difference … Continued


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She is wary of the fiery flames,With a heart, as nobly tamed.Slumbered until the lightning strikes again,Determined to survive the engulfing fire & pain. Raising the winds within her soul& along with her words, the thunder rolls.Transforming her own darkness … Continued


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We stay in our shellsNot daring to venture outCautious and anxious to the core. Our smiles, hidden in masksEyes filled with reserve and suspicion.Struggling to keep the distance. Fearing to come out and act. Worrying about the rising daily counts, … Continued

Silent Night

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The night was silent. And the darkness was violent. The wind was scared to blow. And never felt life was so slow. The air around was choking. And the voice inside me started talking. Why is the night so deadly … Continued

The Rainbow

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Swinging in the swing,by the mighty mountain windmillsat the country lass, as lovely as could be Slender fingers, pale-white, clutched ’round the rope,Unruly hair, jet – black,hid the big brown eyes, twinkling beneath Air was cool, still was all,but not … Continued


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Noised and lusty, thoughtful I ride.Traveling across oceans and debris,reflected by mirrors of souls,I pondered, ‘Who am I?!’ ‘Am I just many accumulated thoughts?What do I want?The darkness of black holes orlusters of diamonds ?’ Riding through many roads that … Continued

Heaven or Hell

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There’s a Heaven and there’s a Hell.I’ve heard those storiesFrom the time I could remember.Yet I’ve never taken it to heart.I cannot believe what my eyes can’t see.So I went looking for the stairway to Heaven.I searched among the woods.And … Continued

The Girl I Saw…

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Oh!How wonderstruck me be,By the aura that sunlight sow.Like an elegant bloom fostering a bee,For, I remember the girl I saw. Passive been the perception, confined the emotion-Imparting the wisdom none a flaw.Gentle came the angel like a blow,For, I … Continued

An appetite for life

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Breathing away the life I’ve dreaded of,Throbbing away desires with every beat that aches,Numb have I turned, with a severe sense of regret,Yearning for a miracle that transcends to yet another world. Longing for my Sun to rise,To let the … Continued

Oye, can you hear me?

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“One evening, streets of a nation, reverberated with the sounds of claps and chimes to thank corona warriors”. Oye, can you hear me? Oh, that is some lunatic mob sunderinga delectable piece of evening here, in the street, that locals, … Continued


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Because everything I feel, It’s always been a part of me, The pain, The silence, The confusion, The chaos, The nothing. Because everything I feel, It’s always been a part of me. Seeing you smile like that It’s like coming … Continued


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Be like saltBe humble, resilientNo one see youBut without you nothing worksJust synchronizing with any mixesEven without leaving a traceAnonymous, silentJust doing your dutyBy giving the spice and pressure needed for life,Humble, even though you begin your life from  ocean … Continued

Departed soul

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The graveyard bell struck at 2’oand came, the messenger holding the white lanternvisible to the intended.Dear and near ones stood weepingbut music had already stopped beating.Quivered and shivered and gasped the bodypleading the messenger for one last’s Time! Proclaimed the … Continued

Know Yourself…

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It’s time to move on from this world of pain Know yourself, find your happiness Embrace your struggles, leave the mundane days Hope is the key, stop your complaints. One day, this world came to a pause Streets were out … Continued


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Jobless mornings,the lost freedomincreasing positive casesdays and nights of faminewith the unending solitude,yes, all fighting for a fantastic survival Aisles full of stones and thornswords full of ridiculeunbearable stareshot heartbeats,disaster time not endingeven from unknown sourcesthey are coming with contagious … Continued

The Trial

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Let the trials begin!’Proclaimed the jury.The accused were broughtAs the air charged with fury.Spectators were in abundanceFor, this trial had no precedence.The accused were no mere mortalsA beast, metal and a web portal.Trial began for Whatsapp,Accused for several mishaps.‘You spread … Continued

Farewell to Solitude

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Have you ever felt uneasy,by the fear of being yourself?Have you ever felt that you should change,but were anxious to meet the newer you?Have you ever felt lonely,even when you were in a crowd? Have you ever loved,and then hated … Continued

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