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Noised and lusty, thoughtful I ride.
Traveling across oceans and debris,
reflected by mirrors of souls,
I pondered, ‘Who am I?!’

‘Am I just many accumulated thoughts?
What do I want?
The darkness of black holes or
lusters of diamonds ?’

Riding through many roads that already taken,
triggered by pleasures and endless desires,
gasping for breath under the burdens of the past,
living and dying every tick-tock,
manifesting a closure from the haunting,
my will sought out for an answer.

A gentle breeze caressed from the sea
after all the thunderous storms ceased.
I asked the waves crashing ashore.
“Where am I going ?”
The ocean rumbled back,
submerged many thoughts and trenches.

I rested on a lotus with a helmet on my head.
Silent and serene.
Inhaling in and vanishing out,
thoughtless I remained.
Nothingness prevailed,
absolved my selfishness of yesterday.

An old hidden path is cleared afore
Leaving the helmet aside
I mushroomed slowly from the lotus.
And walked towards it,
with an ego stolen from the head.


Name : Aswin Melepatt

Company name : Mozanta Technologies 

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