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We stay in our shells
Not daring to venture out
Cautious and anxious to the core.

Our smiles, hidden in masks
Eyes filled with reserve and suspicion.
Struggling to keep the distance.

Fearing to come out and act.

Worrying about the rising daily counts,

Enduring the thoughts of demise

Nightmares of that scary death arms

Searching for us or our loved ones in darkness

Much of our fear is unspoken,
For there is at last the weight of custom,
The tender of rote consolation.
After the phase of true realization

We need to transform this threat

Rediscover the trace of opportunity for renewal

And utilize the rare chance to prevail.

To be better than whom we had been

To improve the compassion and humanity.

We can overcome pestilence, war or poverty.
And spread the brotherhood and oneness

We will learn from the past and survive being better

Because survival is the basic instinct of humanity!

Name              : Lakshmi M Das 

Company       : Allianz Technology Trivandrum

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