Silent Night

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The night was silent.

And the darkness was violent.

The wind was scared to blow.

And never felt life was so slow.

The air around was choking.

And the voice inside me started talking.

Why is the night so deadly and dark,

And why is there no dog bark?

Why is there no ray of light,

And why is the air so tight?

Is this the sign of some calamity,

Which can bring down humanity?

Thousands of questions popped in my mind,

Which drives my soul all blind.

I can feel the gentle touch,

Which makes me sweat so much.

I can hear someone calling my name,

Which made me open my eyes with shame.

Thank god it is just a nightmare,

And I closed my eyes with no scare,

But a few minutes ago it wasn’t I swear.

The Silent Night is not very rare,

Close your eyes I dare.

Name : Anjana Ethilkandy

Company: McFadyen Digital, Kochi

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    Nice poem.I feel,Poet is having some fear in her unconcious mind. Why fear when we are all in the same boat?

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