Remembering 2020

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The world was once in frolic
Welcoming the lucky charm twin year
Not knowing it was just an asteroid
That has arrived of all times
Like a fantasy, the world chased and battled
With a heroic beasty virus in the tale
Not seen not known but epidemic elsewhere
Shattering the light of darkness all around
People ditched into digital slavery
From free spirits to caged beings
From glossy attires to mouth shut in masks
From grandeur to isolation
From handshakes to sanitizing welcomes
Paying off the debt of nature
For the long lost cruelty to its beings
To bring back the lost kindness and love
Counting days like a nightmare
Like the moon in the darkness
Passing locked days in hope
Digital slavery will once be called off
Making humans to being a human of gratitude
Of what nature and life has to offer
Washing away the greed and pride within
So this does not stop the time wheel to spin
Whether worser or better days ahead
Hoping its successor brings in better
So shall the history cherish
The value of giving and forgiving
In memory of the twin year’s charm
On human life hereafter and forever !!

Name : Aiswarya Chandrasekharan 

Company Name : Allianz ,Technopark,Tvm

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8 Responses

  1. Vinaryan

    Good one. Certain points thought provoking. Keep up and do share more.

  2. Nebu

    Good one Aiswarya..I enjoyed reading your poem and they way you have tried to bring in the rhythm of all incidents that happened is commendable. Keep writing more poems..wish you all the best..

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