Past Year Reflections from Mother Earth’s Diary

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There in the corner she stood

Watching everything and everyone 

After all it came down to this

Maybe now appropriate actions will be taken 

When Christmas trees lit up

Everyone cheered in joy

But now either they watch in television 

Or, behind the mask, shout Ahoy

Now the Carols doesn’t visit houses

And the Christmas dinners are less

Everyone’s glued to online streaming 

To not miss out celebrations nevertheless

As the New Year approaches

Celebrations have taken step ahead

Good Riddance is what they say to year gone by

Was it really an Year’s fault, her thoughts unsaid

Mother Earth stood quietly 

And wondered if her lovely children

Have learnt the lesson

Be kind and she will be kinder

Is the only prayer. 

Name : Yeleena Thomas
Company Name : EY

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8 Responses

  1. Subin Abraham

    Deep and lovely poem.
    I really liked this one.
    Chechi your words are beautiful. ♥️

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