Not happy seeing them fight..

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She is so beautifully broken now,

Her dreams are alive,shaped by desire

she is broken beacuse she couldnt lie to herself,

That she is in a twisted world of anguish

she always wondered her existence

Why her small world is crushed with squabble of progenitor

where they thought child rearing is just about being credit card and cook

children wasnt okay with the squabble happening infront of their eyes

She solicited for peace ,for she thought its easy to get

But they taught her to be calm and get used to their fight

She was never prepared, For what was just horribly occurring

Eventhough she opened her eyes daily to see her lovely parents fight..

What worse could the day begin, She covered her eyes before they could weep..

The noise continues to increase more,as of fighting was the fun of their life

And so they choose to be husband & wife,this goes on all day till night,

They payed for expenses and tummy senses ,still her life’s equally hard,,

She holded fast to her dreams,For if her dreams die

she felt like she is carrying broken wings but she never stopped trying flying

life seemed like a frozen snow where she leave it to freeze with the winter cold

All she could do was shout loud but She didnt want her sister to be more worried

she wanted to make her progenitor understand that she needed peace

she wanted to let them know that children are not happy seeing them fought

she shouted in her mind that her desires were flying like a butterfly

Were fading along with the wind,as she wasnt happy seeing them fight

The sky turned gray on a sunny day,Dreams have faded

That They Can’t See Kills us,watching fights

So scared to fall in love,as she was afraid of fights

But tired of being alone,NO! she was more afarid of fight

They’d never realize this would effect her over the years,

For you are not setting an example ,we have to live with this memories

She cried her sleep during screams of night

Please god tell them it’s not ok,they should stop fighting every day

God tell them to think about the children ,

But until then this is the life I live

If your parents dont fight then love them more,

For you are lucky than someone for sure

Name : Athira Surendran 

Company : Mitsogo Techologies 

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