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She is wary of the fiery flames,
With a heart, as nobly tamed.
Slumbered until the lightning strikes again,
Determined to survive the engulfing fire & pain.

Raising the winds within her soul
& along with her words, the thunder rolls.
Transforming her own darkness into light,
For the shadows are now frightened of her sight.

She is like the relentless sea,
A beauty so rare and beyond compare.
With eyes like deep azures of heaven
And her gaze, the crimson setting sun.

With wildness in her heart,
And a crown of bone and scars.
wandered down the sunless vale,
Where the solemn evening shadows sail.

She tumbled from the celestial sphere
Breaking the dreary chains of the universe,
So radiant one in the galaxy,
with the valour to claim insanity.

Oh! unleashed her inner goddess,
From the storms that have arisen.
And when the world is charred to embers,
She shall arise from the burning ashes.

Participant: Angitha Ashok

Company: IBS Pvt. Ltd., Kochi

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