Impact of Cyber Abuse on Women

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A Look Back

Long before the ornamented terminology “Cyber Abuse” came into forefront, there existed an era of belligerent abuse with its caseloads intensifying even today after years of suppressing, abusing women, still languishing.

Let’s take a look from the year 1900, the time of Nangeli from Cherthala Kerala, who protested against the draconian breast tax and died for a cause to protect the womenfolk from the shackles of abuse in the name of caste.

Aruna Shanbaug, the Indian nurse who was abused in 1973 in a Mumbai hospital and had spent long 37 years in a vegetative state fighting for the mercy of Euthanasia until she succumbed to pneumonia in 2015. The most atrocious 2004, Thangjam Manorama from Eastern India, Imphal Manipur who was mercilessly abused, assaulted and tortured to death by the 17th Assam Rifles which spurred widespread calls and appeals to revoke the Armed forces (special powers) Act [AFSPA] but in vain. Aarushi Talwar murder case in 2008 which still remain unresolved and a mystery to every generation. To the 2011 Soumya rape and murder case to 2012 Jyothi Singh gangrape and murder case. The case of 2017, Walayar where two kids aged 9 and 13 were subjected to rape and murder. The rape and murder of Asifa Bano on 2018 in Kathua, J&K. Finally, to the 2020 unresolved case of Devananda from Kollam, which again leaves a mysterious mark.

Every woman who passed on gives us insights and is a whole new chapter to the generations to come. When you examine closely, none did any harm either to our society, livelihood or their kith and kin. They had a thousand stories to be narrated, regardless of the atrocities they went through. The stories of pain, endurance, helplessness and ignorance. The instance they lost control of their own bodies when it was conquered by a separate individual without a consent humanity died. The most deadliest form a man portrays is the shape of a predator, wanting and yearning for the bodies of others. None they gain in being so abusive with others bodies. Starting from the right to cover one’s body part to the right to peacefully protest for one’s right, to the right to socialize irrespective of gender, to the right to live together with the person you love, to the right to simply live in the safety of one’s own home.

Cyber Abuse – A Deadly Virus

The story so far fails to cease as it fortifies taking leaps in the form of cyber abuse conquering the cyber web. With the advancement of technology, internet, connectivity, accessibility & digitization the retrogradation of human mind, thought and behavior patterns started to be concomitant. Human relationships and basic values of society have been incarcerated in the shackles of cyber syndrome. The society with a confined mindset gradually started to become rudderless and started to deduce their own conclusions on others, their lifestyle, their creed, their faith, their beliefs and the so-called cyber abuse subjugated and overpowered belligerent abuse. Where do we find the liberty to live safe nowadays ?

Lockdown 2020, introduced to many the possibilities of the world wide web. You find it in Google, you intend to be a baker, google it, you intend to be a food vlogger, google it, you intend to start an entertainment channel in Youtube, google it, you intend to cook for your family a sumptuous lunch or dinner, google it, you intend to work out to remain fit, google it, you intend to be a farmer and grow your own microgreens, vegetables, google it, you intend to be a musician, you smule it! You google it, google it, google it & google it, day in and day out you google it. You make Google, Bing an irrevocable part of your life that living deprived of your lungs, kidneys would be fine but fingers got to be necessary. “Coz I’m gotta Google it Man!” We never got to think, analyze or even attempt to give a try to look closer and sharper at these websites. You’ve got a flip side to every easygoing world, that we never realize or it’s more imperative to say that not try to realize or even though we realize ignore whatever we just came to know. That’s absolutely not for us. It’s for someone else, whom we do not know, so let’s not care about it.

Cyber abuse or cyber bullying by means of intimidating an individual, posting derogatory remarks on one’s private social media page are all serious offences still we find people peeking and poking into pages of vulnerable sections, such as women, children passing mean remarks. Similar to molesting a woman in public the cyber abuses also leaves an after effect on the victims. Not all would have a mental power to overcome these sneers. Every individual is unique, even though we generally categorize them as intrinsic and extrinsic. Like DNA, every individual has their own behavior and style of response. A woman who is financially independent with a strong will power and connections to weed out distractions could take it and overpower the situation when she gets abused online. Same may not be the case of a woman who goes for a normal job, financially dependent on her father or husband or brother. Again the situation may be entirely different in case of a diffident woman or child who are wholly dependent on their family members. It can lead to serious impacts like sleep deprivation, mood swings, bringing down your energy level considerably, dismantling your daily work/life routine. In children it can even lead to anxiety syndrome and drop of concentration levels thereby affecting their emotional quotient. Are we neglecting these facts!?

Even after decades and decades of abuse, suppression & violence the predators are recreated in the form of cyber stalkers and attackers where still the target group is women and young girls. They have had enough and even in the verge of revival, they are pulled back into the pit of abuses newly tagged as cyber abuse.

Triangle of Repetitive Abuse

This led us to a triangle of abuse when the day is prevalent where women are watched from every crippled angle. Instead of learning lessons from the past and taking corrective measures to overcome the wrongdoings, man is relentlessly indulged in his repeated abusive nature. In broad daylight as rape, molestation, domestic violence, physical abuse and in the hidden shadows of cyber world in the present. No hashtags, Me Too campaigns, candle light protest can seize the atrocities of cyber attack, cyber bullying, cyber stalking, cyber defamation.

The root cause of every abuse is un-considering the fact that every human body, be it men or women is their own temple. Abusers should stop stalking between legs and chest and upgrade to the concept of “Live & Let Live”. The basic morality of respecting one’s body and mind should start at home. People should start introspecting and weed out the thought of cyber abuse, should understand that being a shadow takes you nowhere. Shadow is your darker side. None interact with a shadow and there is no identity for a shadow. Learn to be yourself and let your shadow be itself.

Abuse against women prevailed in this society from very early stages of human evolution. The reason alone varied from caste to patriarchy to suppression to persistence of pedophiles. It took multiple forms and shapes and caused multiple impacts and ill effects both to human ideology and psychology.

I’d close this topic with a disclaimer.

Cyber world is intriguing, it displays to you a wide range of topics to educate yourself and upskill and entertain and think hard. But it’s your take to use the filter option wisely. Shadows and stalkers are ubiquitous, to overpower these you have to train your senses to let go these shadows. Yearn for light, you find light at the end of every tunnel you cross and this light of your life would eliminate the presence of shadows behind you!

Just like Gautama Buddha enlightened an entire society every citizen holds equal responsibility to nurture a generation of humanity.

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  3. Manjusha

    An insightful article and worth reading. The presentation and the content are appreciated!

  4. Manjusha

    Insightful article and worth reading. The style of presentation and the content are appreciated!

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