Heaven or Hell

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There’s a Heaven and there’s a Hell.
I’ve heard those stories
From the time I could remember.
Yet I’ve never taken it to heart.
I cannot believe what my eyes can’t see.
So I went looking for the stairway to Heaven.
I searched among the woods.
And in the blue, blue sky.
Heaven didn’t show me the way
so I went looking for Hell.
I found no fabled highway.
But I was tricked, looted and cheated.
There were murderers and thieves.
They burned down cities,
and killed the innocent.
Monsters under human skin.
I fell into depths of despair.
Yet I made some friends along the way.
They aided me, clothed and fed me
Even though I was a stranger.
As my days came to an end.
I saw the truth that I was too blind to see.
I’ve been through Hell.
I’ve seen the gates of Heaven.
I’ve seen the devil in the eyes of the wicked.
I held God’s helping hand,
when my friends aided me in my trouble
Heaven and Hell are indeed real.
They are here on Earth.
What will you make of it?

Name: Amalda Christine Wales

Company: Allianz Technology SE, Technopark, Trivandrum 

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