Erstwhile Dreamer

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I used to be an avid dreamer.
Not the visionary kind
who against all odds
makes things happen
for themselves or the greater good.
I dreamt in my sleep.
Flowers, mountains,
Waterfalls and valleys,
Angels and demons.
The absurdly chaotic strings
Of events knotted so deep
That some would break
at the attempted unravel
out of which
I’d try to paint a picture,
a sane one and fail miserably.
I’d frame a story and narrate
to a friend, who’d listen
with eager regard.
Those days have since passed.
Now I see numbers.
I hear taps and presses,
a finger on a keyboard.
I see a man
a screen over his shoulder.
The strings aren’t
as tangled anymore,
but neither as fun.
The pictures monochrome
and the stories bleak
unworthy of narration.
Yet the friend listens
as I lament
the melancholy of it all.
The dreamer perished,
The friend survives.

Name : Abhilash Manikoth

Company Name : TCS Kochi

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  1. P. Ramadas

    Good , try agsin waiting for more touching theme and words.

    Congrats and best wishes Abhi

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