An appetite for life

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Breathing away the life I’ve dreaded of,
Throbbing away desires with every beat that aches,
Numb have I turned, with a severe sense of regret,
Yearning for a miracle that transcends to yet another world.

Longing for my Sun to rise,
To let the rays fall upon my ill-fated soul,
Forcing myself to get shaped,
In a mould I am less acquainted to.

Sougting solace, for my poor aching heart,
Here I leave, in search of a path towards nowhere.
Tired am I, in this never ending journey.
Tired am I, being a misnomer wrongly cast.

I fear not, of the roaring sea ahead.
Yet I fear of the the waves that cast me against the shore.
Craving am I, to perish myself in the waters,
And dissolve my dreams that turn into tides.

Listen to me, Oh skies!
Quench my thirst, of dispersing into thin air!
Quench my thirst, of floating over the blue oceans!
Quench my thirst, of being myself, all over again!

Name : Surya C G

Location : UST Global Trivandrum

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