Life of golden moons

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One day there was a small happy family. Husband name was Pranav and wife’s name was Anusha. They were young and newly married couples who lived in a small house. Both were working in an IT field. As the symbol of love, they had twin girl babies as the gift of God. They had an endless happy and they named twin girls Archana and Aradhana.

Archana and Aradhana looked the same on appearance but they had such differences in characters.

Archana was a very calm girl, brilliant, faith in god, good decision-making girl, and respectful of elders. Archana was more affectionate with her mom Anusha. Mom took care of her and taught everything about kitchen, household works, worship to god, and taught how to approach society as a woman. Archana was always being traditional and culturally mind set.

Aradhana was quite a short tempered, adamant girl, not believing in God but she’s a sporty girl, she’s changed her mind  always, can’t stand in her decision. Her dad took care and taught everything about being physically and mentally strong. She achieved badminton and got a lot of medals. Aradhana was a very modern mind set.

Archana and Aradhana get educated well. Archana completed her B.E(Information Technology) and Aradhana completed her MCA.

Both girls got jobs in the same company. It was a Top MNC and working in the same location. Archana was a HR and Aradhana was System Engineer.

Archana has a limited friend circle. But Aradhana has a lot of friends. All weekend she was hanging with friends for a Party and Clubs.

After two more years Aradhana got into an affair with Colleague. They loved for 6 months and their relationship was broken soon. From that time of period, she hated boys and men.

Archana discussed these things to her mom Anusha. Her parents considered and looked for an alliance for their both daughters Archana and Aradhana. Both girls were more beautiful like princesses. They searched for a groom in Matrimony sites. Archana accepts the marriage proposal from the groom. But Aradhana was not willing to marry. She was depressed. Aradhana’s mind did not allow a man to dominate in her life. So, she avoided marriage. But Parents forced her and convinced her for marriage. Finally, Aradhana accepted the marriage unwillingly.

Archana and Aradhana marriages got fixed with the IT Employees. They get married in next next month.

Archana started a very happy married life and was comfortable with husband in a very short time. But at the same time Aradhana started a married life not quite happy. She was struggling to adjust and not comfortable with her husband. Her parents advised her but they can’t do anything. Aradhana suffered a lot.

Aradhana’s married life became bad very shortly get depressed and came back to her parents’ home.

At the same time Archana achieved in married life and company as well. She reached the company target and got the promotion. Archana and her husband went on a honeymoon trip.

Aradhana struggled with office work too and she was always degraded by the company management team. One day Aradhana committed for suicide. Luckily, she escaped from death. Whole family got sad with that incident. Immediately Archana came back from the trip and took her sister to the psychiatrist. Day by day she recovered from the depression. Few months later Archana advised and gave a lot of ideas to overcome that situation. Archana said “Share your every problem to your husband, trust your husband, love your husband, Adjust each other.” Finally, one year later Aradhana changed herself, then discussed every problem with husband and got a solution. She felt guilty with her behaviour and said sorry with husband and lived together with joy and happiness.

Conclusion: In this modern world no one can tolerate and adjust with their partners. I think nowadays girls are very short-tempered, stubborn, girls can’t adjust with their pairs because in their mind male and female equality is going on. In family life couples should understand their responsibilities not equality. See commonly humans are like a mirror whatever we show (love and anger) to others, it will reflect. Some women and girls’ always like independent life. See in every aspect it has some boundaries, the government put some laws to obey for their peoples. In society, we have a set of rules, in religion comes it has some set of rules, in company we have some rules to obey. Same way family has some responsibilities to obey and share. Husband and wife understand their priority and adjust each other’s for happy living. We all know the IT field is a bit stressful. We have to accordingly schedule the time and spend some good time with families also. Good luck all. Happy New Year. Thanks.

Name : Prabhu Govindarajan

Company : Benefitalign, Trivandrum

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