Loneliness of a loyal sentinel

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Here begins another day in my life

With the cycle bells of the newspaper boy.

The air around gently took off my fog blanket

Waking me to the richness of being alive.

I know my days are few and counted

For, I am an orchid plant with a definite shelf life. 

They planted me by the side of the large iron gate

Like a loyal sentinel dressed up in orange-red attire.

To guard a deserted house where no one lives

A sprinkler waters me now and then,

With no single human touch on my being.

My days are alike, watching passers by

Who barely smiled or forgot how to wear one,

And the little children who play near me

To get drenched while water sprays over me.

The butterflies, the tiny birds and bees

That wing their way away from me.

I wonder why the world is so unkind

Knuckled under their worst impulses,

Without an unreflective urge,

To open eyes to nature and its surprises.

Name: Devisree Anoop

Company name: Qubedynamics Technology Solutions

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