Lady in the red dress

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She wore a red dress with a wide smile on her face,
The smile I see at times, only when she is at peace.
She sat there with a calm mind, but yet there was something wrong,
Oh wait! It was just her, being lost in her own space.
I kept looking at her, with a hope that she would look back,
but luck was not on my side, like it always has.
Yet I waited for the moment when our eyes met,
like a puppy waiting for its favorite treat.
She adjusted herself and looked at my side,
only to see that my gaze was already fixed on her pretty eyes.
One smile was all it took, for my heart to skip a beat,
and I knew, she is the one whom I should be with.
I wished we had more time, but so far it has not been a good friend of mine.
But for the lady in the red dress with a smile on her face,
I am willing to wait for a lifetime, if that is what it takes.

Name : Amit.S

Company name and location: EY, Carnival Infopark

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