Know Yourself…

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It’s time to move on from this world of pain

Know yourself, find your happiness

Embrace your struggles, leave the mundane days

Hope is the key, stop your complaints.

One day, this world came to a pause

Streets were out of footprints

Shops were closed without people

Schools were shut down without waves of laughter.

Life changed suddenly, we gazed to emptiness

Still, we lived the life, looking four walls

Embraced the sharpness of change in the world

Hid the struggles and emotions with a mask.

No matter what life threw, we loved, we forgave

walked away and persevered whatever it is

It goes on till end, because we are human

who welcomes change whether it is good or worst.

Who will find happiness in sorrows , live without fear

always move with a hope, and stamp his own mark in this world

Pull a smile even if it hurts , will give a shoulder to lean on

Hence this time too will pass and will change this world for a better one.

Name – Sunija Subramanian

Company name – EY Kochi

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