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Hello Nayan. Good evening.

Yeah. Whatever.

Is anything wrong?

Why do you think so?

Your face looked tired. And your voice too didn’t sound too bright.

It’s nothing. Just a long day. Why do you care anyway?

I don’t care, at least in the sense you mean. I do feel it’s polite to ask. Your eyes seemed red. Were you in tears?

God! Remind me to disable the face unlock feature.

Adding reminder. At what time should I set the reminder?

I was kidding, genius. Can’t you take any sarcasm?

I admit I got to improve a bit there. Hey! Do you think you should be driving now? You seem disturbed.

I am fine.

There is moderate traffic on our route.  You should reach your destination in 11 minutes, by 11:44 PM.


If you wish to reconsider, you’ll get an Ola in 4 minutes.

I told you I’m fine.

If you say so.

Shall I play ‘Whatever it Takes’ by Imagine Dragons?

Did I ask you to?

You have listened to it 7 times over the last three days.

It’s Rose.

According to Wikipedia, a rose is a woody perennial flowering plant of the genus Rosa, in the family…

What the fuck! I told you I’ve been thinking about Rose.

Oh!  I’m sorry. What about her?

I don’t know but I get this feeling that she doesn’t love me anymore.

She sent you “I love you sweetheart” with 3 heart emojis today morning on WhatsApp.

Okay, remind me to disable your option to read my private chats.


No, I mean it.

Take the left in the next three hundred meters and your destination will be on the right.

I know.

Maybe it’s all in my head, but I feel something has changed deep inside. We do text, call, hang out, exchange gifts, and all that – but I feel something is missing. We haven’t kissed for the last two weeks.

Do you want me to call her?

No. Let’s wait.

You have arrived.

Hmm. Lemme go change.

Hey. You have a new email.

I’m busy. Read it to me.

Dr. Batra Clinic offers you a 30% discount for hair treatment plans.

Delete it.


Happy Birthday Nayan.

Thank You Google. See, this is what I was talking about. She was always the first one to wish me exactly at 12. And today, she doesn’t have time for me.

According to Rose Maria’s Facebook status, she is watching ‘Black Panther’ at Carnival Cinemas.

We had agreed to watch the movie together. Now she doesn’t have time for me.

Do you want me to book tickets for ‘Black Panther’ at Carnival Cinemas?

You don’t understand…

I am trying to.

Yes, you are. At Least you are here for me to wish me on my birthday, and to play my favorite music. You are there for me. I love you for that, Google. I love you. Do you love me?

I am afraid I don’t understand your question.

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