Axeman – The last boon

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Once upon a time there lived an axeman near a riverside. 
One day he accidentally lost his axe in the river. 
He started weeping aloud for he had only one axe for his livelihood. 
River Goddess appeared before him with the axe. He demanded
to Goddess to give him a boon instead of his axe. 
Goddess agreed and gave him a boon. 
“You will never find it difficult to find food. ” Goddess said. 
“That is a simple boon. I don’t need it anyway.” Exclaimed the axeman. 
“Then I will give you the next boon”. Goddess said. 
” Others will perspire for you. Thus your job status will be upheld. ” 
Goddess said. 
“Then I need to manage those donkeys.” Exclaimed the axeman. 
“Then I will give you the biggest boon. But I will not give you anything more. “
Goddess said and disapeared. 
Axeman was anxious and looked around for the boon. 
“Son…” A voice reverberated in his ears like lightning bolts. 
It was his late mother. “Goddess has send me back to earth from Heaven. 
I can’t reach Heaven back. He asked me to pray along with you for blessings. ” 
Mother  told. 
Greedy axeman felt ashamed! He realised that this boon was more
than anything else in this universe. 
Moral: To see what is in front of your eyes needs constant struggle. 

Name : Bijish G Habib

Company : Tuttifrutti Games Pvt. Ltd

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