Your vibe attracts your tribe..!!

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Your vibe attracts your tribe..!!
Your vibe attracts your tribe..!!

I found mine, my tribe
Or they found me through my vibe.

Together we stand, together we fight, together our heart beats in a rhythm
Together we dive deep into oceans, breathe deep inside forests, and top of the mountains we climbed.

At the beginning it was tough
Felt every breath and each foot step mattered when being alive was our only choice,
But it guided us to the reasons to be grateful for.
Travelling taught us we are just a tiny matter, when we witnessed the glory of the Universe,
We started living each moment and tasted life to the fullest.
Surfing in the glowing bioluminescent waves, dancing with the Polar lights, dashing with the Green meteor over the sky islands, and shining with the stars,
We realized we are the Universe..!!
& how blessed we are..!!

We stand for the nature,
We stand for the mankind,
We stand aligned with the Universe
And we, the rhythm of the Universe..

Name: Prasoon Prakash

Company name : Icon Clinical Research India Pvt Ltd

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