Farewell to Solitude

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Have you ever felt uneasy,
by the fear of being yourself?
Have you ever felt that you should change,
but were anxious to meet the newer you?
Have you ever felt lonely,
even when you were in a crowd?

Have you ever loved,
and then hated yourself for feeling it?
Have you ever felt tired,
tired of being the one for someone?
Have you ever felt your heart ache,
even when your eyes were unconcerned?

Have you ever felt betrayed,
but were content with the outcome?
Have you ever gotten lost,
but were mesmerized with the destination?
Have you ever felt depressed,
but were proud of yourself for smiling again?

There is the answer, You will get better.
Life will move on, journeys will commence,
destinations will be reached.
Lessons will be learnt, your heart will heal.
And you will soon be the best version
of everything you once went through.

All you need is to be the answer,
To your own Quest.

Name : Anusree S

Company Name : QBurst Technologies, Trivandrum

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