If tomorrow starts without me

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If tomorrow starts without me,
Think of all the good times we had, you and me.
All those lame jokes and crazy fun.
Mourn my demise for a day
Celebrate me for the rest your days .

If tomorrow starts without me,
Finish my work here for me.
All my dreams, you own them now.
Pack your bags, go on that adventure.
Don’t be too sad about my sudden departure.

If tomorrow starts without me,
Let me tell you , you mean the world to me.
You are my life’s greatest treasure
If I cease to exist one fine day,
I will regret not telling you that everyday.

If tomorrow starts without me,
Don’t worry too much about missing me.
For I will stay alive in your heart.
And when you are filled with dread.
I will be the voice inside your head.

Name: Gayathri Saji

Company: Allianz technology SE, technopark, Trivandrum

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